Green Education & Community Care

SOL_ScreenSEED OF LOVE believes that all people have the right and deserve a chance to live fulfilled and independent lives. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and we nourish the idea, that through knowledge of and interaction with plants and animals all humans can realize their full potential. Our mission is to educate and provide gardening class (free of charge), to support, nurture and create opportunities for people with disabilities and disadvantaged populations and communities, to eventually start and operate an urban garden and farm education center. We want to create green and colorful spaces to promote health, happiness and opportunities. We help urban and suburban communities create edible and sustainable gardens and beautify their surrounding spaces. We also want to bring kindred-spirited volunteers and mentors together to engage in urban farming, education and outreach.

We also plant and take care of specially chosen memory trees for the newly born and for persons and pets who have passed away. We believe that each community member should have at least one tree in their name.

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‘Goodness and Kindness TO ALL from Mother Earth and the Human Spirit’

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